Tater Tot

Tater Tot


First Appearance: Whine and Dine #479

Tater Tot (real name currently unknown) is a 14 year old Bus Boy at the Whine N’ Diner. He originally became involved with the Whine and Dine staff when Cookie came down with an illness. Mikey was afraid of getting more work, and set out to find help. What he found was Tater Tot hanging around outside at a nearby Wall-Mart. Mikey used Tater Tot to do most of his grunt work, until, of course, Britney, jealous of Tater Tot taking her tips, called Child Services.

After a few weeks, Dr. Chaplin and Flo went to an orphanage to look around and possibly adopt a child. What they found was Tater Tot, who was, apparently, an orphan. After being contacted by Child Services, Cookie was asked to hire Tater Tot full time, but pay him under the table (due to his age). During his time as Mikey’s grunt worker, Tater Tot had a blast working at the diner, and was considering a future in the culinary industry. Child Services believed it would be a good outlet for him.

Tater Tot, since then, has become a welcome addition to the staff, although he seems to cause more problems than most people. His hormones always cause him to hit on the waitresses, who shoot him down due to his age. He sometimes seems to cause problems on purpose, such as setting the stove on fire, leaving jars half opened, so when people pick them up, they spill everywhere, or stealing Cookie’s chef coat.

Though a trouble maker, Tater Tot has made it known to Cookie several times that he wants to be “Just like him” when he grows up, even becoming Cookie’s new sous chef. He’s called “Tater Tot” because he’s “Greasier than a french fry”.

In Whine and Dine: The Animated Series, Tater Tot is voiced by Tyler Miller, and Zack Houser.