First Appearance: Whine and Dine #90

Salvador “Sal” Manella is the former proprietor of Sal’s Italian Restaurant. He is an Italian immigrant, and no you can not see his papers.
In his younger years, Sal traveled the world learning everything there is to know about the art of cooking, eventually settling down in Wynon Falls with his wife and starting his own restaurant. In his heyday, he would hire a young John Cook to be his dishwasher. On a night where his entire kitchen staff walked out, he would draft young John into working on the line with him. The next morning, John would oversleep, and miss his final exams, forcing him to drop out of college. Feeling guilt, Sal would take John on as his apprentice, and teach him everything he knew about cooking. He even gave John the nickname “Cookie”. Cookie would even go on to date-and eventually marry Sal’s daughter, Sally.
In his later years, Sal believed Cookie would take over the family business. However, Cookie went behind Sal’s back, and acquired his own establishment right across the street-the Whine N’ Diner. Enraged, Sal cut Cookie off personally, financially and professionally for years. They would later reconcile shortly after Cookie and Sally divorced.
Sal would eventually retire, and leave his daughter in charge of his restaurant. Sally and Cookie now have a heated rivalry, and Sal is comfortably enjoying his retirement.


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