Whine and Dine # 1

Mikey is the dishwasher at the Whine n’ Diner. He has lived in Wynon Falls all his life, but most of his life before employment is shrouded in mystery.
Mike is the first person to help anyone out with anything-even though he normally knows nothing about the task at hand. Once he was asked by Cookie to deliver an order from the restaurant. However, Cookie did not know Mikey didn’t have a car. Mikey ended up taking Cookie’s car, and crashing it.
Though normally very friendly with people and childish and naive in nature, Mike harbors an intense hatred of Britney Butterscotch. When she began working at the diner, she treated Mike poorly, which led to him getting her fired (by calling the FBI and telling them she’s been copying video tapes). However, after escaping imprisonment, she was given her job back. Mike still plays practical jokes on Britney and tries to get her fired from time to time.


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