Handy Man

Handy Man
First Appearance: Whine and Dine #2

Handy Man-real name, unknown, is the resident Mr. Fix It of Wynon Falls. Being the only person in town who is skilled in plumbing, heating, and refrigeration repair, Cookie begrudgingly has no choice but to hire him for repairs when something goes wrong at the diner. He is very unreliable, performs shotty work, and is quite lazy.
Everyday for about the past decade, Handy Man has eaten at the Whine N’ Diner. Even on holidays. He has even gone as far as the completely abandon whatever job he’s working on-no matter how far away-to go eat at the diner.
Even though he is a loyal customer of Cookie’s, Handy Man will always find something wrong with his dining experience. Even though he obviously has some degree of common sense and knowledge due to his training as a repair man, it is commonly believed among the employees of the diner that Handy Man can not read, normally walking in and asking things like “Are you still serving breakfast?” or “what’s for specials today?” when there are signs stating these things right next to him.

One the Whine and Dine animated series, Handy Man is voiced by Tedd Hazard.


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