First appearance: Whine and Dine #32

Ginger Sneape is another waitress at the Whine n’ Diner, and currently a student at Wynon University. Ginger applied to work at the diner after moving in with her cousin, Britney.
When she began working at the diner, she was quiet, but soon became the voice of reason amongst the rest of the incompetent workers. She normally sees through Cookie’s ignorance and crooked practices, and regularly berates him for his faults, kind of like a nagging wife.
Flo keeps trying to become Ginger’s best friend and engaging in social activities with her, much to Ginger’s dismay. However, she will take part in conversations about shopping, sex and the city, and relationships.
Ginger also harbors extreme dislike for any woman who disrespects Cookie, with Cookie thinks is “just plain weird”.

On the Whine and Dine animated series, Ginger is voiced by Brynn Lancaster.


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