First appearance: Whine and Dine #22

Florence Fitzgerald Henderson is the senior waitress at the Whine N’ Diner. She began working there shortly after graduating high school, has worked there all through college, and still works there to this very day, even though she has a doctorate in applied sciences.
Thought Flo is a college graduate and has been working at the diner longer than all of the other waitresses, she has little to no common sense, and is very much a complete moron. She mispronounces words, has terrible grammar, only a vague understanding of the English language, and still doesn’t know how to tie her shoes. However, when it comes to scientific equations and things of that nature, she doesn’t seem to have any issues. Her personality is extremely juvenile.
Flo also has a drinking problem, which is normally out of control during the holiday season. She’s been known to drink whiskey and go on alcoholic shopping binges.
Flo is currently living with her boyfriend, Dr. Mitch Chaplin, She met Mitch in college, while accidentally walking into the wrong classroom. Flo normally spends all of Mitch’s “rich doctor money” as Mitch just suppresses her stupidity in the back of his head.


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