Dr. Mitch Chaplin


Dr. Mitch Chaplin

First appearance: Guts Crew #124

Dr. Mitch Chaplin is a medical physician who normally deals with treating the characters of the Hazardverse. Originally ‘flip flopping’ between both Whine and Dine and Krust Toons, he has been seen giving medical treatment to various different characters.
Mitch, unlike most characters, is pretty competent, though at times he admits that one of his only flaws is ‘suppressing my girlfriend’s idiocy until it manifests into something incurable”. As opposed to other business owners in the Hazardverse, Mitch seemingly runs a ‘legitimate’ operation, only screwing up on occasion by writing out the wrong prescription for people. Mitch also has a twin brother, a dentist, who is also openly gay.
Mitch currently lives with his girlfriend, Flo, who he met while in college. Chaplin has little to no financial issues, however, Flo spends a lot of his money without notice. He seems to not mind her severe stupidity and will help her in intellectual times of need. Mitch also seems to be pretty good friends with Cookie. A very difficult, rare and commendable task indeed.

On the Whine and Dine animated series, Mitch is voiced by Chris Decker.


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