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Whine and Dine #1

John “Cookie” Cook is the proprietor, head chef, accountant, manager, garbage man, groundskeeper, legal consultant and occasional busboy of the Whine N’ Diner, a small old timey diner located in scenic Wynon Falls.
Cookie began his career after dropping out of college due to working overnight at a local pizzeria washing dishes for his then boss, Chef Sal. After working till 3 in the morning, he overslept and missed his finals on “general studies”. Feeling guilty for Cookie’s predicament, Sal took him under his wing and trained him to be a professional chef.
After years of working beside Sal (and courting his daughter), Cookie, unbeknownst to Sal who assumed Cookie would be taking over duties as head chef at his establishment, acquired his own diner. Cookie soon became overwhelmed with the burden of running the restaurant, and his wife left him, due to his negligence of the relationship. John grew bitter and disgusted, and slowly grew into the angry disgruntled man we know him as today.
Cookie now finds himself with a “loyal” surly crew, consisting of his three waitresses (Ginger, Flo and Britney) and his incompetent dishwasher, Mikey. Though employees, like wives, have come and gone, he truly finds this group of people as close as family.
John, as stated above, is very bitter, disillusioned with life,  short tempered, not very trusting of anyone, paranoid, and disgusted with society, his customers, and people in general. He doesn’t believe in his staff, and commands them to do tasks with the assumption it’s either going to not be done, or done wrong. However, he is very confident of his abilities as a chef, and is very cocky when it comes to the kitchen.
He’s single, but has had two ex wives-Sally, the daughter of his former mentor, and The Food Critic. It’s said he left her after she gave his restaurant a bad review.
His favorite drink is coffee. Cookie has been known to drink coffee at any time of the day, morning, noon, and evening. He’s even been known to bring his coffee to the bathroom with him, however, he very much dislikes decaf to the point where he’ll tell his waitresses to “throw it in the trash, where it belongs.” His favorite television show is MacGuyver. Cookie used to be an avid bowler, and used to play bass in a ska/reggae band. He’s been known to relax on his time off while listening to The Specials on vinyl. Cookie has also spent some time learning Asian cuisine in Japan.


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