Bus Driver

Bus Driver
First Appearance: Whine and Dine #128

The Bus Driver is, as his name states, the local bus driver of Wynon Falls. He works most, if not all routes, rain or shine, snow or no snow. He takes his job very seriously, and follows the rules of the bus diligently.  He’s also been known to moonlight as a bus driver in Gutsville, and on buses traveling from Mexico.
Cookie is one of the Bus Driver’s least favorite passengers. He always seems to find some rule he’s breaking, whether it be drinking, or listening to his music too loud. He also isn’t too found of Mikey, either.
Even though the Bus Driver seems grumpy and miserable, outside of work he actually has a pretty swell life, owning a big fancy surround sound system and a big house. He enjoys rubbing these things in Cookie’s face.


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