First appearance: Whine and Dine #204

Britney Butterscotch Sneape is Ginger’s cousin, and the newest waitress at the Whine n’ Diner. Britney is a college drop out, having moved to Wynon Falls to attend the university, but getting caught up in “other activities” before deciding to give up on her studies all together.
Hard up for cash, Britney has worked at many different establishments around town, including a few she’s not too proud of but will never admit to.
Feeling they needed help, Ginger asked Cookie if there would be a possibility he would employ her cousin. At the interview, Britney showed Cookie a picture of her in a bikini, and got the job.
Britney is very conceited. She is aware of her beauty, and will flaunt it whenever she feels it is necessary, using it as a tool to get what she wants. Very promiscuous, Britney has had many boyfriends and is usually out with someone every Saturday night, normally asking Ginger to cover for her. Ginger insists that this is why she is single.
Britney dislikes a lot of her co workers. She looks down on Mikey, feeling she is smarter than him and that she shouldn’t have to deal with his antics. Mike plays practical jokes on her on a normal basis. She can’t stand Flo, or her stupidity, but will never say anything to her face about it. One of her vices is her smart phone. She can be seen playing around on it, even when she has customers. She tries to use her female charm to get what she wants from Cookie, but it rarely, if ever, seems to work.


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