First Appearance: Krust Toons #601

Whatsername is a 17 year old upper class preppie girl and member of the Gutsville High Cheer-leading squad. She is also the girlfriend of Moe “Hawk” Hachenstien. Her place in the
social infrastructure of high school, her main stream interests and low intelligence are in
sharp contrast to Hawk’s punk rock way of life, yet the two never seem to argue, get into fights or have any problems what so ever. They are seemingly the least troubled couple in the Krust Toons universe.

More concerned with her social stance and volume of her hair than her grades, Whatsername isn’t that bright. She used to date Biff Lesnar, but broke up with him shortly after she met Hawk. Whatsername is also obsessed with making Straight Edge Suzie her best friend, constantly going out of her way to hang out with her, ever though Suzie could care less.

In the Krust Toons animated series, Whatsername is voiced by Kaitlin Faltovich.


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