Sheila The Desolate One


First appearance: Krust Toons #595

Sheila “The Desolate One” Hawk is the 16 year old little sister of Hawk, best friend of Suzie, and resident creepy goth girl of Gutsville.

She spends most of her time in the local cemetery, sulking and being depressed, even though she clearly has many friends. She feels she’s going to die alone, even though Punk Rock Friend #3 also clearly has a major crush on her. Her activities include posting depressing statuses about her emotions on social media outlets, sitting in the dark, alone, in her room, sacrificing small animals “souls” to “a higher power” then cuddling them, and going for ice cream.

Sheila’s best friend is Suzie Goldman, and she very much disproves of her relationship with Krusty Kennan. Krusty believes the Sheila is a vampire.

Sheila hangs out from time to time with Sad News Jarret, another local “sad” kid. She also has a secret fascination with pop punk, but will never reveal it to anyone except her brother. She recently has begun a sort of friendship with #3, but will never admit that they are friends. In “Bye bye Bi”, it was revealed that Sheila used to be a lesbian, having been involved in a relationship with Suzie. However, after Suzie started dating Sheila, the ended it and Sheila went straight.

In the Krust Toons animated series, Sheila is voiced by Kaitlin Faltovich.


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