Punk Rock Friend #3


First appearance: GCR #180

Punk Rock Friend #3 or “#3” as known by his friends is the drummer of Kennan and the Krusties, cashier at the local gas station and self proclaimed entrepreneur of many different businesses.
#3 began hanging out with Krusty and Hawk after they needed to find a new drummer and randomly picked him at school one day, even though he never played the drums in his life, or ever even heard of the word “Punk Rock”. #3 would proceed to become very poorly educated in the genre, believe The Misfits and Ramones to be clothing brands. He has been known for saying such things as “THE RAMONES ARE A BAND?!??!” and “CONDITION OAKLAND IS A BAND?!?”
However, shortly after his 16 birthday, #3 had a “life changing experience” with some random scumbags behind the gas station and his personality changed drastically. He is now the token stoner and unanimously nominated village idiot of Gutsville, though he somehow avoids being incarcerated by the police every now and then.
Though a completely uneducated moron, #3 is the “schemer” of the group, always working on some sort of shady ill conceived scam or project. #3 also works at the local Gas Station.
#3 is a member of the Polar Bear family, being brothers with Hardcore Polar Bear. He knows many deep, dark secrets about him, such as his fasination with Taylor Swift.
#3 has a huge crush on Sheila the Desolate one, but she doesn’t seem to care.
Though a decent drummer, #3 has very slow mannerisms, walking at slow paces most times, and talking in a slow, monotone voice.

#3’s close relationships include:

-Mr. Convenience Store Guy: Mr. CSG is #3’s boss at the Gas Station. After years of buying ‘munchies’ and ‘working in the alley way behind the store’. CSG offered him a part time job. #3 now looks at CSG as sort of a father figure, as does CSG looks after #3 and gives him advice on personal matters, though, scolds him when he’s done wrong.

-Sheila: #3 has a crush on Sheila, but doesn’t know how to tell her. She might know, and if she does, she really doesn’t care.

-Hardcore Polar Bear: #3 is brothers with HPB. #3 seems to be the only one out of the Krust Crew that HPB can stand.

In the Krust Toons animated series, #3 is voiced by Tedd Hazard.


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