PC Pete

PC Pete

PC Pete

First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 19 “#howtospotabigot”

PC Pete is an overly PC punk from the borough of Davenport. He’s always there when someone makes a not-PC statement.

Hawk: “I think I’m going to show up at my family reunion in a Nazi uniform.”

PC PETE: “That’s offensive because your family is jewish.”

Hawk: “Thanks, PC Pete.”

However, there are times when PC Pete will make not PC statements, where everyone will say “Woah. That is not, PC, Pete.”

PC Pete is usually seen hanging around Aaron the Anarchist or the rest of the Davenport crew (Ditchie Ditch, Dooku). He spends a lot of time in Gutsville due to his job at the Gutsville Diner as a dishwasher, and is also currently dating Gina Strezlecki, the poet from Burgtown. He normally keeps to himself unless something not-PC is said.

PC Pete was created by Bob Ellis. He also voices the character on Krust Toons: The Animated Series.