Officer Sturgen

Guts Crew 387

Officer Sturgen

First Appearance: Pennsylvania Musician Comic #4

Officer Scott Sturgen is the only police officer on duty in Gutsville. Though he has been seen giving the Krust Crew and Gray House Gang problems in the past, recently he has been more or less lax on the going-ons of Gutsville (looking past House shows, getting drunk on duty). However, he is known to trick people for personal gain, such as threatening Krusty with a DUI unless he gives him all of his Taco Shell, and tricking the boys into drinking with him so he can arrest them on underage drinking.

Sturgen has been seen on occasion blatantly framing Krusty and others for various crimes in broad daylight, as well as wrongfully accusing them of breaking the law. At times, he has been seen arresting people for:
-Doing cocaine (actually eating donuts)
-Drinking and driving (actually drinking soda, quickly turned into “reckless driving)
-Trashing with friends
-Illegal Paraphernalia (actually New Years noisemakers)
-Hitchhiking (actually waiting for the bus)
-Possession (though the person obviously has straight edge tattoos and a bumber sticker that says “straight edge hardcore”)

Even though he gives the citizens of Gutsville problems from time to time, he has their best interest in mind, protecting them from such threats as Robert The Robber Baron and others.

In the Krust Toons animated series, Sturgen is voiced by Zack Houser.


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