Mr. Conveinence Store Guy


First appearance: GCR #308

  Mr. Convenience Store Guy, or Mr.CSG, or some very long unpronounceable name is the owner, cashier, manager, janitor and accountant of the local Gutsville Gas Station. The Gas Station is part of a corporate franchise, known as ‘IN Convenience Stores’ to which CSG has pledged his undying loyalty to.

CSG hates his job. He dislikes any and all customers, especially Krusty Kennan and Hawk. The only person he seems to like is Punk Rock Friend #3, who he sometimes sees as a son to him.
Although, from time to time, he rescues them from dangers they cannot save themselves from.
CSG also went to high school with Cookie of the Whine-n-Diner, but that’s another story.

In the Krust Toons animated series, CSG is voiced by Tedd Hazard.


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