Krusty Kennan

Krusty Kennan

First appearance: GCR #2

Krusty Kennan is a 17 year old crust punk born and ‘raised’ in Gutsville. He is the front man of the band Kennan and the Krusties alongside his best friends Hawk and Punk Rock Friend #3.  Abandoned at a very young age, Krusty has lived in such places as: the sidewalk in front of Guts Crew Records, a dumpster in the back alleyway behind Guts Crew Records, his car, and eventually, a van down by the river.

Uneducated due to years of not attending school, Krusty is poorly educated and usually says most words and statements with poor grammar (“A spider bited me”, “I’ve got a boner to pick with you!”, “My hair died”). Krusty also seems to enjoy putting his body in harms way, normally taking part in recreational activities such as jumping over a gorge on a rocket powered motor bike, eating pop rocks and antacids, drinking draino and skateboarding at the local quarry. Krusty is also an alcoholic, however, his heavy drinking has decreased since acquiring a part time job at the local Mattress store and dating Suzie.

Krusty has admitted that his “life is in shambles”. He finds it difficult to complete normal everyday activities such as bath, do his laundry, and maintain proper care of his vehicle. When confronted about such things by his girlfriend, Suzie, he normally gives in and does something
about it, even if it is in a very unorthodox manner.

Suzie will normally “take care” of Krusty, and make sure he does the right thing. Though she bosses him around regularly, and attempts to get rid of his dog, Durpy, he still loves her.

Krusty is known from time to time to engage in half brained schemes that benefit him and not others. One time, he used the idea that he doesn’t know who his father is to prove he may, in fact, be, the born again Jesus Christ. When another crust punk started spanging in front of the Convenience Store, Krusty went through any means necessary to get rid of him. Krusty led an expedition to “The Sad House” to take out their attempts at doing house shows. When Derrick Saxon died in his van, he was the first to suggest that they simply “hide the body”. He has also tried to book a folk punk show in Hawk’s basement without his permission.

Krusty Kennan is extremely immature, selfish, and sort of a loose cannon not to be trusted. However, he normally has everyone elses’ best interests in mind.

In the Krust Toons animated series, Krusty is voiced by Tedd Hazard.


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