Hawk meme

First appearance: No Class #2

Moe Hawk is Krusty’s best friend and confidante. He lives in his parent’s basement and is of the Jewish faith, though, he doesn’t practice. Hawk plays bass in the punk rock band Kennan and the Krusties, normally hosting practices in the same basement he lives in, which is also where Krusty and most of the other Krust Crew hangs out. Even though they engage in otherwise unacceptable behavior, Hawk’s father always seems to look the other way so that Hawk won’t rat him out to his mother for participating in such acts as hiring prostitutes and calling off work to get drunk all day.
Among his friends, Hawk is looked at as a “complete pompous know it all ass”. He normally has to make a smart-alack remark directed toward whoever is trying to make a statement, or has to have the last word in an argument. A lot of times, he makes very uneducated guesses, although he makes them in a very educated manner. His obvious attempts at trying to look better than everyone in the Krust Crew are pointed out from time to time.
Hawk is an avid film geek, enjoying films such as Star Wars and anything by Quintin Tarantino, but he has an intense hatred for Star Trek.
Hawk used to work at his family’s Video Rental Store until it shut down. Now he is employed at the local record shop with his arch nemesis, Douchebag Singer Songwriter. Hawk also has a devote hatred for Krusty’s girlfriend, Suzie. Though the two are very similar, they clash in any kind of conversation.

Hawk’s relationships include:

-Krusty: The two met when they were ten years old, and discovered punk rock together, attending their first show when they were invited by an older punk rock kid. They consider each other their best friend. Thought he will join Krusty in a lot of his self destructive activities, Hawk will usually be the first person to call him out on the faults of what he has just done. He also gets easily jealous when Krusty gives other people attention, leading other people, such as Krusty’s girlfriend Suzie, to believe he has a latent homosexual attraction to Krusty.
-Sheila: Sheila the Desolate One is Hawk’s little sister. They normally don’t bother each other. However she gets very envious of his know it all pretentiousness.
-Whatsername: Whasername (Also known as “That Preppy Chick”) is Hawk’s girlfriend. She is on the Gutsville Cheerleading Squad, and is an ex-girlfriend of local bull Biff Lesnar. Her preppy valley girl lifestyle is a harsh contrast to Hawk’s punk rock one. The two seemingly show no attraction to the other, however are the only couple in Krust Toons that have no problems with each other whatsoever.
-Douchebag Singer Songwriter: Douchebag Singer Songwriter is Hawk’s unofficial “arch nemesis”. It has been believed amongst the group that his name actually derived from a comment made by Hawk, and the rest of them still have no idea what his actual name is. Hawk will normally berate DSS whenever he gets the chance.
-Suzie: Hawk has hated Suzie from the first time Krusty laid eyes on her, even spying on their first date. Hawk gets extremely jealous of Krusty hanging out with Suzie, and will do anything to separate the two of them. They clash in even the most hum drum conversations.

In the Krust Toons animated series, Hawk is voiced by Tedd Hazard.


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