Hardcore Polar Bear


First appearance: GCR #453

Hardcore Polar Bear, or HPB, is the local hardcore kid and singer of the hardcore band “Death Killer”. He also happens to be a polar bear.

HPB is very angry and a borderline bully most times. He’s been known to blatantly tell Krusty “You Suck”. Picking on people seemingly for the sure joy of it, the Krust Crew actually seem to like HPB, and members will even enlist him to help with various issues that require intimidation or muscle.

Dee and HPB are considered to be best friends, at least that’s what the Krust Crew thinks. HPB is also the ex boyfriend of Straight Edge Suzie, a truth that has made Krusty Kennan increasingly uneasy around him. However, due to Suzie’s wishes, Krusty attempts to make amends with HPB and create some semblance of a friendship with him.

HPB is brothers with Punk Rock Friend #3. They live together with their father, over a gym, which his family owns.

Recently, HPB has begun a relationship with Fauxy the Feminist, much to Suzie’s dismay.

Though he puts on the demeanor of a “tough guy”, HPB has been seen enjoying very softhearted things such as Taylor Swift, Dungeons and Dragons, Feminist blogs, Ballroom dancing and chick flicks. He has had an uneasy relationship with his mother. He’s friends with Eric Funn on facebook, and even contacted him to help the Krust Crew take care of the fake Eric Funn.

HPB’s favorite bands are Blood for Blood, H20, Madball, and you’re not allowed to like any of them.

In the Krust Toons animated series, HPB is voiced by Tedd Hazard.


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