Fauxy the Feminist


Fauxy the Feminist
First Appearance: Krust Toons # 753

Fauxy the Feminist is the twin sister of Aaron the Anarchist and daughter of Con Man Gray living in Gutsville. Formally being somewhat of a “bangwagon feminist”, Fauxy has recently become more of an militant advocate for equal rights, being offended by even the smallest things (Example: “Maybe you shouldn’t of demanded it. Maybe you should of Womanded it.” “Women should be allowed to wear whatever they want.” in response to the #howtospotafeminist hashtag) . She is so caught up in her ways, she will even get violent from time to time, and is known to start protests over the most mundane of problems, such as internet hashtags and women not having to pay as much as men for car insurance. A lot of times she won’t look into things as much as she should, or she will misunderstand certain aspects of what she’s protesting for/against. When corrected, she’ll normally stay with the more PC side.

Fauxy has been known to date various members of the local scene, including Clownie, The Ska Panda Bear, and Hardcore Polar Bear, the latter of which was with her the longest. Though she is a stout woman’s rights activist, her taste in men and behavior around them is questionable to say the least.

She lives at the Gray house with her brother, Aaron, Dee, and an unnamed as of now African American train-hopper. She is normally the only one in the house who questions what everyone else does (why they didn’t buy kerosene during a snow storm, why Aaron doesn’t have a job to pay the bills). Fauxy works as the door person at “The Venue”.

In the animated series, Fauxy is voiced by Chelsea Smarr.


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