Douchebag Singer Songwriter


First appearance: Krust Toons #611

Douchebag Singer Songwriter, or, Dee, as he has been referred to recently, is a singer songwriter and employee at the local record store, hailing from the nearby town of Burgtown. Though he seems like a complete hipster douche, he is generally a very nice and pleasant person. However, he is very ignorant of DIY culture, believes in the practice of “ticket sales” for shows, and genuinely thinks he is the greatest musician on the face of the planet.

He hangs out at the Coffee Shop, where he plays most, if not all of his shows. He also has a major crush on Straight Edge Suzie. He will normally give her short sentences such as “hi” or “do you have the time”, to which she will respond “pervert!” or “Get lost!”

When it comes to playing shows, he is very finicky. He tours regularly (for anywhere from 3 to 5 days), dislikes house shows, and insists that he has a sound guy and plugs in for all of his performances even though he just plays an acoustic guitar.

DSS has a rivalry with Hawk, who mocks him whenever he has a chance. However, Dee normally doesn’t respond with a come back. His best friend is Hardcore Polar Bear, at least that’s what everyone in the Krust Crew believes. Recently, Dee has moved into the Gray House, having a strange friendly relationship with Aaron the Anarchist. The two tour together regularly. Though their cultures clash, they seem to get along just fine. He has also been known to act as a straight man to Aaron’s antics, even though everyone thinks he is a closet homosexual.

In the Krust Toons animated series, Dee is voiced by Justin Devaney.


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