Ditchie Ditch



First Appearance: Season 1, episode 20: “This town isn’t big enough for the two of Krust”

Most towns with a local scene has a neighboring town that also has a local scene. Gutsville is no exception. Ditchie Ditch hails from the neighboring
borough of Davenport, a small, contemporary town nestled at the bank of a river of the same name. Davenport is full of a cast of colorful characters, Ditchie,
of course, being one of them.

Ditchie grew up with a privileged family, in a small gated community right outside of town. During his younger years, he discovered the local scene, most
importantly folk punk and the traveling lifestyle. He soon decided, at the age of 15, that this was the life he wanted to live. So, with the help of his grandparents (who drove him to a train station in nearby Gutsville), Ditchie hoped a train down to far away Capitol Town, where he learned the ways of the drifter.

After a year or two, Ditchie returned to the area. Unable to return home to his comfortable lifestyle in Davenport, he set up camp at a dump in between the two cities, paying the supervisor $20 a month for board, and began his fruitful career as a spanger in Gutsville. He soon attracted the attention of Krusty Kennan, a local punk rocker who, himself, lead a very “krusty” lifestyle and Ditchie leave the same gas station he asked for change at. Eventually, however, Ditchie and Krusty learned to put up with each other.

Ditchie Ditch is involved with Lucy Loveless, a singer songwriter from Davenport. Their
relationship is reminiscent of Suzie and Krusty in their younger years. However, they tend to break up from time to time over fickle things such as ordering pizza and who’s going to pay for the movies.

Ditchie, though seemingly depicted as a junkie, is not at all a waste of life. He’s a free spirit, with lots of experience for his age. He seems to always have a solution when a problem is presented, and willing to help out when it is needed.