Con Man Gray

Guts Crew 111

Con Man Gray

First appearance: GCR #111

Con Man Gray, or Mr. Gray, is a local ‘philanthropist’ to the Gutsville area, though he has been known to bring his endeavors to Wynon Falls from time to time.
It isn’t exactly known what Con Man Gray does. Sometimes he says he’s a car insurance agent, sometimes he says he’s a lawyer, sometimes he’s a loan shark. The only thing anyone is sure of is that he has an office in a strip mall.
Years ago, he was employed as the host of a popular TV game show (Stuff White Girls Say), being fired for ripping his producers off of a lot of money. He quickly sold his house to his son, Aaron, in order to become financially stable again, having squandered all his money away on a horse race. He is also the father of Fauxy the Feminist.


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