Chris “Dooku” Lee

Chris “Dooku” Lee


First Appearance: Season 2, episode 3: “Down with the Car Sickness”

Chris “Dooku” Lee is a photographer and manager of Off Topic from Davenport. He’s nicknamed “Dooku” because of his real name, Chris Lee (Christopher Lee was the actor who portrayed Count Dooku in Star Wars Episode 2).

A strange breath of fresh air in the Krust Toons universe, Dooku is one of the few characters that doesn’t seem like a complete idiot. However, he doesn’t really care too much about anything. He’s smarter than most of his friends-however, never has a solution to any question when asked. He has become good friends with Hawk after a few show trades, and normally hangs out with PC Pete, Ditchie Ditch or Wesley Davenport, the promoter at the Davenport Fire hall. PC Pete and Ditchie join Dooku in his Psychobilly band, Tuesday ’57, named after his affinity for classic cars and Tuesday, the day of the week he’s usually not working at Off Topic.

Dooku spends most of his time working as a “full time” photographer, taking pictures at shows and trying to get bands to buy them from him. He also works full time (notice the lack of quotation marks) at Off Topic in the Gutsville mall as manager with Sad News Jarret. Because of his double life, he gets little to no sleep, or time to have any kind of social life whatsoever. Thus is the price for creativity.

Recently, Chris has been actively pursuing Sam the Scene Girl, who is none the wiser, never reciprocating any feelings he shows towards her. This rejection has caused animosity between Punk Rock Friend #3 and Dooku, since Sam is currently seeing him.

Dooku is voiced by Tedd Hazard in Krust Toons: The Animated Series.