Aaron the Anarchist


Aaron the Anarchist

First appearance: MMR #1

Aaron T. Anarchist is another local punk rock fixture of Gutsville. He currently writes for and self publishes his own anti government anti conformist anti everything zine, however, the topics generally seem to stray from the theme.

Aaron also performs as a solo folk punk musician, priding himself as being ‘anarcho-folk’ (once again, many of his songs stray from the theme). He lives in a punk house where many weekly shows are thrown. Many patrons blatantly ignore the ‘no drinking, no drugs, no violence’ rule.
Though he says he is an activist and attempts to partake in many activities to ‘bring down the system’, he usually never gets around to it, and all of his friends call him out on his bullshit. He’s very paranoid-calling everything from the Government to breath mints as “conspiracies”.
You can book him at downwiththesystem@usps.gov

He has a strange relationship with both Dee (Douchebag Singer Songwriter) and Hardcore Polar Bear,which borders on ‘best friend’ status. Dee and HPB seem to be able to bear Aaron a lot more than they can the Krust Crew, so far to where Dee has moved in with Aaron. Aaron tries to claim he is friends with Krusty Kennan, however, Krusty claims that they are just “acquaintances”.

Aaron gained ownership of the “Gray House” from his father, Con Man Gray, who needed a quick buck after loosing his job as a game show host and betting all of his money on the wrong horse race (turns out he was at the wrong horse race). He quickly moved to Gutsville (having lived in Capitol Town, before hand) with his maternal twin sister, Fauxy the Feminist.
Aaron is bisexual, and is currently in a relationship with Sad News Jarret.

Aaron is extremely paranoid, and a bit of a hypocrite. In “Where Oogles Dare”, Aaron believed that the Metal Core kids were trying to sabotage the house show circuit, even though they were just trying to have shows. In “Fit to be Tied”, Aaron went against his stance on corruption, after accidentally shooting Sturgen, by lying in court about trying to shoot someone that wasn’t a cop. Aaron will normally become the victim of karma near the end of his lies or hypo-criticism.

Out of the entire scene of Gutsville, Aaron may or may not be the most mentally unstable. He has been known to do completely reckless and irresponsible things to support his backwards beliefs. In “The Most Offensive Easter Special Ever”, Aaron crucified the Easter Bunny while he was trying to tell Aaron the true meaning of Easter. One time, he got in a fist fight with Hawk’s girlfriend over Pop Punk bands selling out, and lost. He became a cop one time, and, in complete disregard over his views on police brutality, beat up an african american homeless person just because he asked him for change. The only person who ever seems to notice these things are Dee and Fauxy, as Krusty and Hawk view it as a minor annoyance.

On the Krust Toons animated series, Aaron is voiced by Zack Houser.


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