This is the “official” website of Tedd Hazard’s comics, also known by internet people as
“The Hazardverse”.

Tedd Hazard is an animator/director, producing the animated series Krust Toons and Whine and DIne,a short film called Life is Pain, and various music videos for underground bands, such as The Twindows, Cardboard Homestead, Today We Fight With Peace, Condition Oakland, and Joe Billy.

Tedd Hazard has also worked on such web comics
as Krust Toons, Whine and Dine, No Class and Tedd and Simon. His work has been featured
in magazines such as Pennsylvania Musician, The Freeland Progress, What’s Up Magazine
and Hazleton Life, as well as on such websites as Maximum Rock and Roll, The Deli Magazine
and The Twisted Loop.

If you wish to hire Hazard Studios to do a video for you, please e-mail us at teddandthehazards@gmail.com


Tedd Hazard is also a folk punk musician, and you can find that here:

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